Your Science – Our Products

Your Science – Our Products

Published on 06/03/2023

We are pleased to serve as your platform – either to highlight your science performed with our building blocks or to market innovative building blocks you are developing! Read on for more information!

You developed a novel building block which has improved properties compared to similar compounds, reduces undesirable side-reactions, improves yields, or solves so-far unsolved problems?

➔ Make it accessible for the whole community - Get in contact and let us be your partner!

➔ We are pleased to serve as worldwide accessible platform for YOUR derivatives!

Following our slogan Empowering Peptide Innovation, we are looking for latest technologies and innovative products!

Besides, we are also highly interested in the research you are performing with building blocks purchased from Iris Biotech. Mention Iris Biotech as supplier in your peer-reviewed scientific publication and earn a reward!