Orexin A

Chemical name: Orexin A (human, bovine, canine, mouse, ovine, porcine, rat) acetate salt; Sequence: [Cys4-Cys12,Cys7-Cys14] pEPLPDCCRQKTCSCRLYELLHGAGNHAAGILTL-NH2 acetate salt // Synonyms: Hypocretin-1 (human, bovine, canine, mouse, ovine, porcine, rat)

  • Product code:LS-3520
  • CAS No.:205640-90-0
  • Formula:C152H243N47O44S4
  • Molecular weight:3561.16 g/mol

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Orexin A (hypocretin-1) is a hypothalamic neuropeptide regulating the feeding behavior. Central administration of orexin A to rats stimulated food consumption in a dose-dependent manner. The effect persisted at 4 h after injection, as orexin A seems to be resistant to peptidases. Orexin A specifically binds a G protein-coupled receptor, OX1R (IC50 = 20 nM to displace 50 % of radiolabeled orexin A bound to this receptor). Orexin A produced in the amygdala induces wakefulness and plays a role in the induction of human emotions. Narcolepsy has been associated with orexin deficiency.


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