Chemical name: Dibenzoazacyclooctyne-PEG(3)-BisSulfon-Thiol-Linker // Synonyms: 24-(azadibenzocyclooctyn-1-yl)-19,24-dioxo-4-(4-(3-tosyl-2-(tosylmethyl)propanoyl)benzoyl)-8,11,14-trioxa-4,18-diazatetracosane-1-sulfonic acid

  • Product code:RL-2480
  • Formula:C59H69N3O14S3
  • Molecular weight:1140.39 g/mol

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Cyclooctyne linker for conjugation via Diels-Alder-reaction, i.e. copper-free Click reaction with azides and tetrazines. The unique bis-sulfon linker integrates into existing disulfide bonds, eg. from enzymes or antibodies, maintaining the structural properties of the biomolecule.


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